Cd dvd drive not active

I think I may have deleted something by mistake which has affected my cd drive. I went to the 'safely remove.......' icon to remove my iphone and accidently clicked on something else. Was this the driver for the dvd drive? Drive D is in My Computer but can't do anything with it and it will not open when I push the button. I would be grateful for any assistance. Michelle
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  1. You can't 'safely remove' hardware like a dvd drive. If you selected the eject command, that should only eject the tray. It sounds like your drive just happened to die at the same time as you thought you deleted something.
    If it was a driver you deleted somehow, it would just reinstall itself automatically.
  2. Have you re-booted the computer?

    If you can't open the tray, use a paperclip and push it into the little hole under the tray.
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