Power line networking

Anyone using it? If I understand correctly, it runs through the A/C wires via power outlet correct? Is that reliable, how much faster is it over WLAN?

I'd like to use ethernet but my apt doesn't have sockets in the bedrooms, therefor I'd have to pull up carpet which I cant do. If theres thin enough CAT cable like a phone cable, I could route it under the base boards. I'd still have to run under the carpet for doorways/hallways but at least that doesn't require actually pulling up the carpet.

Anyother other ideas are welcome

Thanks :)
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    Powerline is all over the map when it comes to performance. Works great for some people, so so for others, and not at all for yet others (usually due to local wiring issues). It's really a roll of the dice. You just have to try it and see if it works for you. That's why it's nice to have a liberal return policy from the retailer. When it works well, it can be faster than wireless, and almost certainly more reliable (almost anything based on wire will be more reliable than anything over the air). But again, results vary widely and so it’s hard to say what you’ll experience.
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