To many processes running?

when i open my task manager i have 79 processes running and im not sure if thats to many or normal? I also dont know how to tel which ones are ok to stop or not? any help?
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    Run msconfig.

    Under the Start Up tab, uncheck those programs that you know you don't need at boot up (leave all the ones with Microsoft in the name).

    Do this slowly, and reboot each time to make sure you didn't need it. Some drivers load via programs, so be careful.

    Thing I know you can turn off: Anything Abode, Office, or any other programs you installed. Manufactures all think that their software will be needed instantly and often, as is not the case.
  2. That's actually pretty normal for a modern computer, why do you think we need 8gig of RAM these days?? Anyway, yeah if its causing you problems, do what foscooter said. But unless you ARE having problems of some kind, its nothing to worry about.
  3. Ahhh that was made so easy haha thank you very much!
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