Little or no wifi signal.

I just started renting a room in a 2 story house with a basement. The landlady turned the basement into a Flat and the Internet Modem is located down there. My room is on the top floor furthest away from it. This means i have little or no wifi signal due to the floors and walls.
When leave my door open, i get a better signeal but still not good enough to browse the internet.
What can i do to improve my signal? I have reserached on the internet and i think a wifi repeater or booster would improve it but i would like someone to confirm or suggest things i can do before spending.
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  1. It will only help if they let you place it in a location that has a good signal, like on the floor below you. If it is on the top floor there will be insufficient signal to repeat -- how about a larger antenna on your wireless adapter that could perhaps be optimally positioned on your floor to better receive the signal that does get there?

    Another possibility is powerline adapters if she will let you plug one in next to the router and the other in your room.
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