Need Help Problems after re-installing os

Hello everyone this is my first post, and i am in dire need of help.

So it all started when I ran spybot , i think it must've deleted some important files. Anyways after doing the recovery function in Spybot the computer would not start. I started windows in safe mode after many failed attempts and i re-installed windows 7 hoping that everything would go back to normal. However, I noticed that Internet Explorer would crash almost as soon as i opened it, and windows media player gave an error about memory. I tried running Malware Bytes in safe mode but i keep getting runtime errors left and right. It is impossible to search for anything with Internet Explorer, and i cannot run any other browsers. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Here are my specs:

Mobo: Biostar A880G+
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 3.2Ghz

I'm using a 64-bit windows 7 if that helps
Also sorry if i didn't post this in the correct categories.
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  1. Did this happen soon as you re-installed 7? Was it done using a regular copy or something you download that was hacked?

    Did you do a format of the drive before re-installing? If not, and you don't have any files you need to save that are not backed up, do a format.
  2. Yeah, this happened as soon as i re-installed windows 7, i used the OEM disc that i used 2 years ago when i built my pc. I haven't tried a format yet so i'll definitely try that.

    I should also mention that i bought a new hard drive, I thought that the computer would start like a brand new build (since no data is on the hard drive), however, once i installed windows 7 on that hard drive once again internet explorer kept crashing, runtime errors, etc. So i ended up returning the hard drive to the store (since I didn't think the hard drive was the problem). I thought the OEM disc might have gotten faulty so i dug up an old tower that i had and installed windows 7 over windows XP and it works perfectly.

    Anymore advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Try new RAM, or try only one stick at a time of the RAM you have and try again. Sounds like a RAM issue most likely since you tried a new drive and it did that.
  4. If/when you do a fresh install, wipe the hard drive, not just format.

    Using the Windows 7 install DVD, choose recover, and get to a command prompt.

    Input DISKPART, list disk, select disk # (whatever disk you are installing to), clean all. It may take a few minutes to clean a hard drive. Then exit, and reboot to do a fresh install.

    This will wipe the drive of all information on it (MBR, partitions, etc.). So, if you can, backup any data you want to save.

    I think when you installed over the previous version, it didn't rewrite anything it already had, in which had problems.
  5. I tried one stick of RAM at a time and i still got the same results. Windows Memory Diagnostic keeps declaring that there are no problems. I'll probably try different RAM from a friend's computer tomorrow.
  6. I tried brand new RAM, and yeah that wasn't the problem. I tried running Windows Media Player with the same message "Your computer is running low on memory. Quit other programs, and then try again." Maybe my power supply is the cause lol. Guess its time for a new computer. Thanks for the replies.
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