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Using Win 7 Japanese CD Key for a eng version of Win 7.

I bought a laptop while travelling overseas in Japan and as a result got a Japanese Windows 7 OS.
I would like to install an English Windows 7 OS on the laptop and was wondering if I could use the Japanese CD key?
Thanks guys,
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  1. Probably not.

    But I wouldn't mind being wrong here. :)
  2. You probably could. Some Windows keys are regionally restricted in that they will only pass the Windows Genuine Advantage in the country it was sold in, but as it is for a laptop this may not be a problem. Does your laptop pass WGA in your country if so you do not have a problem and you should be able to reinstall the English version.
  3. No. Product keys are SKU dependent. They are not language dependent.
  4. if u use Japanese key, the key may be illegal to the Microsoft and it is blocked. some time the language may changed to Japanese, try on u r own risk
  5. I'm going for it. Will keep peeps posted.
  6. May be test it on a VM?
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    Yes, as long as you install the same version of Windows as the original license is for it will work just fine.
    I personally have tried this using an English install disk with a German key and a German install disk with an English key.
    There where no issues with the installation or activation.

    Do you already have an equivalent English install disk?
    If not, there Are Ways to make an install disk with the correct version of Windows 7 from any English install disk :)
  8. Wouldn't installing the English language pack serve the same purpose? Maybe on a freshly recovered system?
  9. szaboaz said:
    Wouldn't installing the English language pack serve the same purpose?

    Yes defiantly, but only if you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate.
    Unfortunately, all other versions are locked to the initially installed language.
  10. So I installed and an English version of Windows 7 using my Japanese CD key and have had no problems. To confirm correct installation, it has been activated and is downloading Microsoft updates no problem.
    To clarify I installed WINDOWS HOME EDITION which as most of you know, cant change the language once it is installed.
    Also, I used an English install disc from my other PC.
    Thanks for the help!
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  12. you dont have to re-install if you have win7 ult or enterprise
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