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I have a 50X CD drive on a PC. ITs on its on IDE channel as Promary master. For some reason the HDD is the secondary master. (Another long story.) Some times it works fine. I did a complete install of Win98SE with it. Then when I go to load office it claims the CD rom is dirty however it reads fine on my DVD-ROM. I've replaced the everything but the cable in this setup. Is it possible that I need 1) a different cable or 2) to clean the drive (no idea how to do that.) This failure causes games (the primary use of this CD-ROM) to shut down.
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John A Davidson
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  1. You need to give more information on exactly how you've got this rig setup, ideally it should be that the hardrive Jumpers are set as master on the Primary IDE and if you don't have a fourth item run the DVD as master, and the CDROM as slave on the Secondary IDE. Also make sure that the master is always at the end of the cable.
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