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Hello, yesterday, I booted up my desktop computer, and attempted to connect to the internet. However, for some reason, my computer did not display any connections whatsoever other than a dial-up connection. I connect to the internet through an ethernet cable, and I did not include wireless capabilities into my computer when I built it. However, the internet, which was working perfectly the day before, has just stopped working. I tried plugging the ethernet cord into my laptop to see if it was working, and the internet worked fine. Is there something wrong with my motherboard?

Here are some facts that may be useful:
1. Right before starting my computer, I went into Windows settings and "reset the computer to the status which had last yielded a successful boot" Essentially, the computer returned to the status it had been the night before, when I had used the computer.
2. Usually, when I am using the ethernet cable, the plug which connects to the motherboard usually blinks green, however, it does not anymore.
3. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard.

Is there anyway to check in the BIOS wether the internet issue is one related to my motherboard?

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  1. You can check the bios to see if the network adaptor is enabled or disabled but that is probably not the issue. first check the device manager to see if there is a line for our network adapter and that it is installed correctly.
  2. Well, it's a realtek PCIe Family Controller, and it shows up, but it obviously is not working. There is a yellow triangular signal on the name of the device and when I look at resources, it says that the device is not using any resources because it has a problem. It says that this device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for the device.
  3. Should I maybe try reinstalling drivers?
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