gameport is dead...Help!

The short of it;

Installed new hard drive. Preceded to load all software needed for hardware.

Upon reboot win98SE asks "new hardware found= 'unknown device'. I have no idea what it is trying to detect.

One more 'new hardware found' = PCI System management bus ????

I point it to the win98SE CD (in all directories) and to my Abit Hot Rod 100 controller and still cannot figure it out.

I suspect that is one reason my gameport isn't working because I get a warning in the game controller via control panel that 'gameport drivers are not configured'.
That led me toward reinstalling the soundcard software. After a clean reinstall I get another warning 'Vortex adapter not in primary bus. MPU 401, and joystick may not work on secondary bus'.

So if I can figure out what hardware the OS is finding at startup and then find the files it needs then my gameport my start working (Aureal properly detecting itself on the primary bus-it is in 1st PCI slot now).

Thanks people, don't want to ditch my gamepad for a newer USB one just yet.

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  1. This may not be much help,but 98 gives me an "unkown" device on my cdrom,my cd-burner,my onboard raid controller,and an "unkown pci device" on my new modem.I had a terrible time with the hardware wizzard to get them working.I finally did ,but it took a while.I had to remove,and re-install my pci modem twice before 98 even noticed it.:)

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
  2. have you installed all of your motherboard drivers? or tried reinstalling them? If your PCI bus isn't properly configured, your sound card isn't gonna work right, which means your game port won't either.
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