Need advice on setting up our home network.

So im trying to buy a new modem and router. My current setup is about a year old and i purchased the moto surfboard sb6120 and the cisco-linksys WRT610N router since they were the highest rated ones on amazon back then. If i dont spend the money on anything network related right now to make sure everything is running perfectly the money will be gone within a week or so.

Im constantly having internet trouble in terms of speed, having a steady connection, rebooting computers for them to recognize the internet is up, and other things.

I have been convinced for a while that it was just time warner cable/road runner was terrible in my area. Its been here for ages and we upgraded to a speed of somewhere between 45 and 55 mbps down. On average we get around 17 down, and 2 up. I was reading about the motorola surfboard that i have, having issues with connection speeds, consistent internet speeds and connection, and how long it would take to get the network back up after rebooting it.

From what little i know about setting up a network and the little research ive done it seems like the moto surfboards are a popular choice. There seems to be only one newer model than the current one im using which is the sb6121 but im reading that it gets hotter than the one im using and in terms of internet speeds its exactly the same.

I just wanna make sure that im doing everything i can to get my family the fastest internet that we can share. We currently have my parents two laptops, my mothers tablet, and both their phones connected to the internet. They have moto droids and i have an iphone which is connected to the internet. Normally i have about 3 desktops connected via ethernet but atm one of the desktops is not being used since it needs some work. We are constantly streaming stuff whether its movies or music, or all the gaming i do so im not sure if the problems were having with the internet is due to what we do, our ISP or our network we have setup.

I also need to make sure that the wifi is reaching my parents rooms and letting them have a good signal. I have the modem and router setup in my room and its the only place we can really have a modem and router right now.

Can someone help me make sure everything is running properly?
What are the most highly regarded modems and routers out right now?
Which manufacturers are considered the best out there for modems and routers?

Heres the current results on speed test for our internet.
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  1. AFAIK the 6120 does have some speed issues. My experience with 4 installations using SB6121 is uniformly excellent. My own home system uses a 6121 for 50Mb cable and I get 53Mb down and 3.5Mb up always according to

    If it were me, I would change the modem first, and only spend the money on a new router if you still have issues that your ISP cannot resolve once you are using the 6121. A good source for information on routers and that has great comparison tools is:
  2. Thanks for the info, and sorry for the late reply. We had a cable guy stop by to replace my problomatic DVR. He checked out the internet and told me that TWC roadrunner will only let u use the modems they provide which are gateway modems and i hate them. The guy told me its some firmware issue that they havent released for other modems yet or something along those lines. He installed their gateway and disabled the router functionality so i could use my own router.
    After that my speed jumped up to an average of 47 mbps down and 5 mbps up with around 14 ping using Ive seen it go as high as 51 down i believe, and the lowest was like 45 down and 4.something up.

    I happened to have the funds to buy a lynksys EA4500 dual band n900 router and a range extender since the router hasnt been reaching all the way downstairs since i moved it to my other wall.

    I just wish fios had hit my area already, its available like a 5-10 minute drive west of my house lol.

    Has anyone tried the EA4500 or is the model an N900?

    - Thanks
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