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Hello all. I have a Turtlebeach soundcard for my P4 1.7 Ghz computer running XP. I originally did alot of research on sound cards before I decided to go with the T. Beach. I heard Soundblaster cards had crackles/static. Well, damn, mt Turtlebeach card has static/noise too. I have Klipsch 4.0 speakers and it is VERY noticeable and ANNOYING. Have you guys had this problem too? I have d/l the latest drivers and all. It is still doing it. Is there a better card out there that doesnt do this with Windows XP??

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Which Turtle Beach card?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. santa cruz
  3. Fatburger should have your answer. Maybe it's static in the CD-In cable? Me, I'm using a darned near perfect card in Win98, which may or may not have problems in XP.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. 4.0 speakers? you mean 4.1?

    When does it crackle and make static? during games? music? movies? all 3? Does it crackle when the pc is doing nothing but the speakers are on? What happens when you jiggle the connection at the sound card a little bit? Mega static? Make the connections aren't loose and maybe try cleaning them. Ensure that the wires are all firmly attached to the binding posts and to the speakers. If you get alot of static from moving the cables around while music is playing then its a problem with your wires and they need to be replaced. Anyhow, fiddle with the system and narrow down where the problem is. Take a set of at least halfway decent headphones and plug them into the back of the soundcard. Does it still crackle and give lots of static? What about it giving static when it plays a cd but not when it plays an mp3 off the hard drive? does it do that? Get specific :smile: .

    The Santa Cruz sound card works perfectly well with Windows XP as does the GTXP sound card. There's either a problem in your setup somewhere that you don't realize is there like with the wires or something. OR, something is loose on the soundcard itself and could be anything from a defect QA missed to a break that happened in installtion. Do not despaire.

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  5. Quote:
    I have Klipsch 4.0 speakers and it is VERY noticeable and ANNOYING.

    Does it happen only when you're changing the volume? Because my old Promedia v2.400s did that after awhile and the problem was the knob. I sold the system to a friend for ultra cheap and he replaced the pre-amp and now it works fine.

  6. I've never owned a Santa Cruz. They're supposed to have great drivers, though.

    Which drivers did you use before the current ones? Also, what else do you have on your PCI bus?

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  7. Thanks for all the responses guys. It is with games, movies, music everything. Mainly noticable at low volumes, or when the music isn't loud. It seems to happen b/c of midrange frequencies more. I have d/l the latest drivers. It is in a 4 speakers. It only happens when music/games play (make noise).
  8. sounds to me like its your speakers/connections that are doing you wrong, not the soundcard.

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  9. I'd tend to agree, but I'm not going to write off the sound card yet. What else is on your PCI bus? (network card, modem, TV tuner, etc)

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