Getting 2*256MB more, a little inquiry

I currently have one 256MB slot used. I want to buy two seperate other 256MB sticks, and not one 512 as it costs too much at the moment.
I have 3 DIMM slots, so if I put the 256MB in each, therefore filling them all, to 768MB RAM, I don't have to get buffered or whatever, right? So basically it is ok to fill them with 256MB PC2100, right?
I also want to run them all at CAS2, which I beleive any PC2100 RAM can do that.

One of the problems right now also, is that nowhere in town do I see brand name RAM like Kingston, Corsair, except Crucial which is overpriced. I am wondering if going for the cheap priced OEM is a bad idea? My local shop had said they have Kingston at the same price of OEM, but I don't see it on their site, and it may no longer be available. I will contact them when I am ready to buy soon.

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  1. Crucial have drop the price of their RAM on their web site and their RAM is pretty cheap now. I brought 2 stick of cas 2.5 PC2100 from their site 1 year ago. I have clock the RAM at CAS 2 and did not have any problem.
  2. I got another worry (I always have doubts!). I already have a CAS set stick, from the BIOS. When adding the two others, will they automatically set to CAS2, and if so, would then there be a risk really? I dunno why I am worried that it could damage it, I just do!

  3. What brand and specification is your existing 256MB stick?

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  4. Worse case from what I can see is if you get CAS 2.5 and try to run it at 2 is you'll get lockups. I doubt if any damage can result.

    Your using WHAT??? (quote from friend when I told him my PC specs)
  5. Meow? Hot damn Eden! I think you are turning me on... ;)

    Regarding CAS 2... not all DDR ram can do it. Getting generic stuff will probably result in RAM that can't do it. That would mean that all 3 sticks would run at CAS 2.5... including your current stick. No damage would be done by trying to run at CAS 2, but the system would just be unstable, forcing you to set it back to CAS 2.5.

    I have tried the RAM that Future Shop sells (Azen) and was pleasantly surprised to find that it could handle the faster timings and some overclocking to boot! That Kingston brand that your local shop says they had probably could do it too.

    Your best bet if you want to run at CAS 2 and do a little overclocking is to get brand name RAM. Otherwise, try to find a store with a return policy (Future Shop) so you can take the sticks back if they don't work. Or, find a local shop that carries several brands and tell them what you are expecting from the RAM, and make sure that it is ok with them if you swap the sticks and try another brand if the stuff you initially get doesn't cut it.

    Personally, I'm going to try to get some used Crucial from someone in the US. The Crucial prices really are great... if you live in the US and can buy it directly from the website with free shipping...

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  6. Lol, me and a friend have been doing this joke with meowing for some reason, it's the latest buzz around :wink: !

    Yes I have confirmed with RB, they have a few Kingston RAM left, and I reserved 2*256. Since it will be my first time I install sticks, I'll get to look at the brand name on the stick.

    Figure this, I know so much about computers, yet I never touched or installed a hardware. Shameful, but once I do, I'll be much better. It's just I have only one comp in the house for the whole family, and imagine if I tried things inside and ended with problems arising. Boy daddy ain't gonna like it.

    So anyway I dunno if I had said it before, but my current 256MB is an OCZ PC2400, set at PC2100 with CAS2, I can assume the quality Kingston has would ensure the CAS 2 working stably.

    My last inquiry, is that those stickers they put on the RAM to identify it, with the brand name and speed, are these to be taken off before being put? I wonder...

  7. Hey guys, does anybody have the Epox 8KHA+ here?
    I was wondering if filling my three DIMMs won't require buffered RAM?

  8. Buffered RAM is used on Servers.... your motherboard likely won't even run with buffered RAM... almost all motherboards us lowly folk buy can't handle it.

    PS - Don't take off the stickers... no reason to do it, and it voids the warranty in most (if not all) cases.

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  9. Well anyway I cancelled one stick of RAM so now I will only have 512MB. It doesn't seem like filling all DIMMs is as wise.

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