Linksys wrt54g to connect Brother MFC-8660DN printer to network?

Hello everyone,

So I have a Brother MFC-8660DN connected to my LAN via Ethernet cable, however I now want to move the printer to another room, but don't want to run the ethernet cable to it's new location. There are a ton of linksys wrt54g routers for cheep and I wondered if I could just move the printer and plug into a wrt54g router to connect to my LAN via a wifi signal rather than directly via ethernet cable. It seems like it should work, however because the wrt54g isn't hooked to a computer I'm not sure that this would work.

Anyone able to tell me if this would work?

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  1. download the firmware from DD-WRT and update the wrt54 with it.

    then configure it in Client mode

    once configured move it to the new location and connect you printer
  2. actually what you are looking for is an ethernet to wifi bridge.
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