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Hey all,

I've never been to/hosted a LAN party, so I'm really in the dark about it. But my friend and I want to play a couple games on LAN, and the problem is that all we have is an Optimum Wifi hotspot. (They won't install cable on our block for some reason, so they beamed our area with a hotspot.)

I connect with my desktop via a wireless adapter, and my friend is using his laptop. I have a router/modem/some ethernet cables somewhere in the house, but they're obviously not being used.

Is there any way we could do LAN things together on Optimum Wifi--would we have to do something fancy with the router or adapter?

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    LogMein Hamachi.

    Hamachi will allow you to create a third network in the 5.x.x.x address space that you can both share using a named network of your choosing. The advantage here is that it will ALWAYS work, no matter where each of you is located, whether in the same room, or separated around the world.

    If you only intend to do this when sharing the same room, then you could create a WISP (wireless ISP) router by patching a wireless ethernet bridge to the WAN port. Now you have a local network and internet access, just as if you had your own modem.

    [remote ap]<-- wireless -->[wireless ethernet bridge](lan)<-- wire -->(wan)[wireless router]<-- wired/wireless -->[computers]

    There are also a few commercial routers that support WISP mode (rare, but they do exist). And any dd-wrt/tomato compatible router can be configured as a WISP router as well.
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  3. Thank you!!
  4. You can easily get online with Optimum WiFi using any WiFi enabled handheld. Handhelds include any WiFi enabled device that you can hold in the palm of you hand.
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