Lost setup disk for linksys ae2500

I bought a new Linksys AE2500 dual-band wireless-N USB adapter but I misplaced the setup disc. Is there any way I can get another disc or download the setup files and then transfer them to my other computer?
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  1. Old post but unfortunately that site doesn't link to drivers. It links to instructions and windows update dont seem to have them...
  2. Perhaps because I don't particularly know what I'm doing, I didn't find Blackbird's link helpful. But I did kludge together a solution to a problem similar to the OP's and I thought I'd memorialize what I did while I still remembered what that was.

    OK, here's my setup: I get internet from Comcast, splitting the coax into a digital tv boxlet and a cable modem. From the modem I have Ethernet to a Vonage VOIP box which daisychains into an 8-port switch and then a wireless router. I had three computers connected directly to the internet via the switch (ie, no proper LAN). Another, which failed to connect to the internet through its ethernet hardware, was connected via the AE2500 dongle and the router. And I have several iPads and a ROKU box also going through the router.

    Anyway, I dug up an old Gateway XP box that I wanted to get online, but its Networks Connections display in the Control Panel was empty and it didn't recognize the connection when I plugged its Ethernet into the switch. The hardware manager said the "1394 Net Adapter", which I assume is the one needed for wired Ethernet, was "working properly", but... So, in order to get things underway, I swapped the AE2500 from the non-Ethernet-connecting machine (which, inexplicably, started to connect via the wired Ethernet).

    At this point, I am now in the position of the OP.

    So I went to Softpedia http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/NETWORK-CARD/Cisco/Cisco-Linksys-AE2500-WLAN-Driver-51006846-for-XP.shtml using one of my other machines and downloaded AE2500xp_WHQL,0.zip onto a thumb drive, and extracted the included folder "xp" there. This contains, among other things, bcmwlhigh5.inf and AE2500xp.sys.

    Plugging the AE2500 into the Gateway resulted in the AE2500 showing up in the Device Manager as an unidentified device and clicking on it there started the installation wizard which, after you declined the option to let it fail to work automatically, told it the AE2500 was a LAN Adapter, and pointed it at the .inf on the thumb drive, installed a "Wireless Network Connection 2" (why 2?) now visible in Network Connections.

    That's my memory of how it went down yesterday, anyway. And my browsers now work. I'd like to free up the dongle by getting the wired Ethernert to work too, but, really, I'm good to go.
  3. I got the drivers from softpedia too, right after I posted that. I was scared shitless that they'd be full of adware though. Lots of bad reviews of the site.

    The online chat for lynksis support finally responded and gave me a direct link to the drivers about 30 seconds after I got them from the other site. I did a comparison and scanned them and they were real, and clean. Ah well. Its working fine now.
  4. So, what's the direct link?
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