Slow intermittent service ISP says I have many ip address

So working with my ISP to figure out why my speed goes up and down during downloads and terrible pings in games and they said i had about 30 ip address coming from my computer and thus with so many using bandwidth my service is slow. So ran 4 different virus checkers and nothing still lousy service and i have no clue what i am doing. Windows 7 everything up to date...before I reformat my hard drive and start over any idea's ? why would I have so many IP address?
Help someone i am so frustrated
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  1. how many devices are connected to your network?

    is your router secured via wireless password?
  2. right now only my main computer. Everything else has been disconnected from the router. It is password protected.
    I live in the country so no one close enough to be trying to use my wireless.
    Since i am in the country i am connected via a radio receiver type of device..sorry forgot whats it called. It sits on top of the roof pointed to the ISP's tower. I realize its not going to be the fastest way of getting internet but right now my speeds are so up and down it s worse than dial up.
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