Hardrive Optimization Utilities ???

I'm looking for a better Hardrive Optimizer and maybe faster than Windows at Defragmentation, that also will give me the ability to place my swapfile on the outer edges of my drivedisks. Any Recommendations are Welcomed, Thank You in advance.
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  1. O&O defrag

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  2. Thanks
  3. Your seek time is actually the lowest on the INNER portion of the platter, not the outter. I've seen this mistake on that one raidfied disk site. Incorrect. Rotational speed is faster on the inner portion of things like fan blades because there is less area to cover and less weight (the more weight, the more strength it takes to spin and propel things). If you don't believe me, consult a physics engineer.

    Not exactly sure about the data density though. When you create your primary DOS partition, it starts from the center of the drive, and goes out.

    What you can do is create a 600MB partition (which will give you 4KB clusters), or an 8.1GB (if you want to waste that much space) to get 8KB clusters. Set this as your primary DOS and leave only your SWAP file on it. This will give you the fastest access time to it. Then put Windows, your games, and everything else in logical drives in your extended partition like D: drive, etc...

    Of course, this may not really be all that worth if you have alot of RAM and won't access your virtual memory that much.

    Anyhow, 2 tips. Degrag at least once every 6 days if you are a heavy PC user. Also, make sure DMA is checked (enabled) under your harddrive properties in your device manager. You may also want to get the latest IDE bus master/storage controller drivers for your motherboard chipset (otherwise, in some instances anyway, your drive will not run beyond ATA-33).
  4. You can dl demo off their <A HREF="http://www.oosoft.de/cgi-bin/download2/download-e.pl" target="_new">website</A>. Then when demo runs out, get keygen from astalavista:)

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened he's all over the place :eek:
  5. Flamethrower I'm running Win98SE O&O Defrag will not work with my operating system, I found speedisk in Nortons Utility and it did what I needed. Thanks for your trouble.
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