Laptop Dell Inspiron 1440 disconnects when I play video games

Hello, this has been an issue I have had to deal with since the beginning of May. Every time I play League of Legends, Rumble fighter, or Maplestory, about 20-30 minutes into the game, my laptop disconnects from my router. Then, when I try to reconnect, the router connection thing magically disappears from the settings. This forces me to restart my laptop. When I DO restart my laptop, the connection is there again. Everything is fine when I surf the web. Please tell me what to do in order to fix it.
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  1. I also have the same laptop and the same exact problem occurring when playing SW:TOR.
    This had only recently started having this problem since the beginning of June.

    I'm kind of a noob with computers. please help.

    Thanks in advance.
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