What are the advantages of a Lian-Li PC60?

Well... after days of looking around, I finally brought it down to 2 choices... the AX-01SLD Server Case which is basically the Chieftec case that I've seen a lot but in aluminum. It runs $74 without shipping, if anyone cares here is the URL: http://www.directron.com/ax01sld.html

And then the Lian-Li PC60 Case. I've found it for $108 /w free ground shipping. I am probably going to go with this, but I was curious as to what the advantages of this case over another would be. The model I'm getting does not have the removable motherboard tray (saves $15).

I am probably going to be putting in an Enermax 350W Whisper PSU. I don't think I'm going to need the 430W considering I'm just running 2 hard drives, a cd-rdw, cd-rom, 1pci card, and my radeon 8500.

So the main point of this is what are the advantages of the Lian-Li PC60 over other cases.

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  1. You can get a Chieftec case identicle to that first one from newegg for $55

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  2. Since I own the Lian-li I don't think it would be fair to only talk about advantages. I can list both advantages and disads.

    Has the works, removable mobo tray, uses thumb screws on everything, both sides of the case can be removed unlike many case where only one side can be removed, has many fans for great case flow at around 35-40dB, has higher quality construction than most aluminum cases (it has more welding than riveting)

    -Cost makes it 2x more expensive than a steel case
    -Case fans cannot be easily removed or replaced and they have pseudo-fan grills (the case fans don't use screws so they are hard to replace)
    -The front intake fans can be really noisy--from experience you get used to it but if you want something as quiet as a Pentium 166 system then you will be disappointed

    Great case. I have seen all manner and the mannerisms of all the other alum cases out there and in my amateur opinion none of them offer as complete a package as the LL or at such a good price for a high end case line. If you look at them, they'll lack the removable mobo tray, may not have the extra drive bays, or may not have both side panels be removable, may use a bunch of cheap riveting to hold it together, probably won't have a fan on the top of the case or such strong intake fans.

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  3. Well, I ended up finding the LianLI 60 case and Enermax 350W Whisper PSU for $175 shipped, seems rather nice, now I just need a nice new mobo to compliment it. :P
  4. Great choice and good price.

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  5. where did you get them for that price?
  6. Great choose. I have a PC-68 and I think it the best case I own.
  7. Thanks everyone. I got the case and PS at mcparts.com... or something like that.

    If you get it from directron and get enough discounts it might be cheaper... just do 2 of their product suggestions, use "viper10lair1st" for a coupon code, and do a price matching for mcparts.
  8. Assuming you like the styles, how do cases like that one compare to the nice-looking color cases like at www.colorcases.com ? for example, you guys didn't mention stuff like front audio ports or front usb/firewire/gameport, but to me those would be big advantages, more so than removable mobo trays.

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  9. I dont know about colorcase.com
    as i see the cases they had there,
    the price is normally $5~$15 more expensive.

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