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I recently bought a TP-Link Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router TL-WR1043ND (, and I had a question about bandwith allocation. I currently have 4 LAN users and 1 wireless user connected to my router, but I only seem to be able to get a consistent dl speed of ~1.5Mbps, while my ISP provides me with (supposedly) 6Mbps.

Now what I'm assuming is that the router pre-allocates bandwidth based on the number of of LAN connections, which made sense to me as I get about 1/4 of the 6Mbps on my computer here. Is my router capable of DYNAMICALLY allocating bandwidth though? Most of the time, the other devices on the network are either idling and using little to none of the internet speed, but I still only get a max of about 1.5Mbps.

Also, do you think this is a router issue, or is the ISP just not providing me with the speeds promised in the plan? I'm wondering that because even when I'm using around ~1.5Mbps on one computer, it slows down all of the others; I thought this wouldn't occur if each computer was allocated a certain amount of bandwidth...

Thank you
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    I've never heard of a consumer router that limited bandwidth per port, certainly not by default. That would typically require a far more sophisticated router, and most certainly something you'd have to manually configure and explicitly enable. More likely, the fact that 6 divided by 4 equals 1.5 is merely a coincidence.

    What happens if you connect directly to the modem? Do you see a significant and consistent increased in speed? If you do, then obviously it's not a problem w/ the ISP.
  2. It's very unlikely that it's splitting up the bandwidth. While it can be done this way, it's actually harder to do so, and would be no incentive to create such a system by default.
  3. I guess I should have just tried plugging it into the modem directly first. Just tried that, and got 1.30Mbps down/0.79Mbps up. Should I contact my ISP about this, or is this just the way it is? I dunno if anyone here is familiar with it, but I'm using Telus Communications which is located in BC.

  4. What are you expecting for download/upload? What did your internet plan promise? If it's not what you paid for, yeah, contact the ISP and ask what's up.
  5. We've pretty much just got the basic internet plan, but that supposedly gives us 6Mbps down (can't remember what up is), and I used to at least around 2.4Mbps...

    I'll probably contact them though to see what's happening.

    Thanks for all the help!
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