"Display driver stop working and has recovered"

Hello friends,
I have NVIDIA GEFORCE 9500GT (1 GB) as my graphics card.I have installed driver version 296.17 from NVIDIA site as the latest driver.According to the NVIDIA site,it is windows 8 compatible.
The driver installation was OK.But sometimes the screen goes black and after few seconds it comes back.A notification comes---"Display driver stop working and has recovered". Sometimes also the driver software don't run properly( in task manager it appears as running but in windows screen it does not appear as running).
Is it a compatibility problem with WINDOWS 8 CP? Or is it a hardware problem (the graphics card is 11 months old only)?
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  1. i have nvidia 250 same chip just a refresh of it and are running windows 8. A lot of people have been getting that error message it may be the card but a lot of people been having issue with nvidia driver and flash. I would make sure both java and flash are updated and your using the newest version of firefox or crome or ie if your using ie.
  2. Thanks for posting.
    Yeah,I have latest firefox (11.0). But I will update flash and java.
    Will see if it works.
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