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I've tried to install windows 7 several times now and have erased the drive at least 2-3 times. I keep getting an issue booting the 2nd or 3rd time after I install the OS, with the computer hanging after POST saying boot mgr missing. I've tried to repair the partition, erase the partition etc but to no avail. Once I finish installing Windows after an erase, it boots for 2-3 times, then I update or take the dvd out and it seems to have the same issue.

The system I think is getting confused by the drive ordering as there are 7 hard drives in this system. It is set correctly in the bios boot manager, but I still get this issue. I feel like it happens when I remove the windows 7 dvd, but can't say with certainty that every time that occurs i can no longer boot into the OS.

Any ideas?
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  1. Hello canadian4evr;

    Can you simplify your system temporarily and work just with the boot drive active till you have a stable install?

    After you get the system up and running stable add the rest of the drives back in.
  2. ^+1

    That's what I do when I install a windows OS. This ensures the boot loader and OS are on the same drive, otherwise windows will try to put the boot loader on a seperate drive. Later if that drive fails or is removed, you will get the boot manager missing error even though the OS drive is fine.
  3. simple fix

    have all hdd's in
    install windows

    then install

    easus partition master

    then right-click on all drives apart from system and change them to logical

    this will make them non-bootable so windows wont try to boot from them

    its explained here

    it might be that you havent changed settings in bios to boot from the right hdd and thats why it wont boot
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