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Hi Everyone,
I am living in an old bed and breakfast that was converted into 6-1 bedroom apartments. It's been completely renovated and restored, a very nice place to stay since, I am working away from my hometown. The owner has an apartment across the hallway from me, and has a wireless router for the tennants to connect to. I have been connecting to it with a laptop, netbook, and a blackberry with no problems, usually about 3 bars.

My problem is, I have built a new computer and installed a TP-Link TL WD4800 PCIe card to connect with but, it is hit and miss. If it does happen to see the network (extremely rare), it runs at speeds reminicent of a 9600 baud modem. It's very frustrating.

Can anyone suggest something else for me to try to connect with that has proven results in similar circumstances such as mine?

[AMD FX 8150/ASUS Crosshair V Formula/Crucial 128GB SSD/WD Caviar 1TB Black/8GB Corsair Vengeance/EVGA GTX 570 HD 2.5GB/Corsair HX1050/Corsair K90/Tt eSports Theron]
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  1. use a longer antenna for the wifi adaptor to get a better signal.
  2. thanks for the reply. This was solved by having the landlord send over a maintenence man to reset the router because, he was out of town for a few weeks.
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