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Opening ports at university (for Crysis 2)

Last response: in Networking
June 26, 2012 2:29:46 AM

I just finished my first desktop build and installed Crysis 2, only problem is that I cannot connect to the mycrysis servers so I cant log in or play multiplayer. I am currently at a university. It works at home fine so I assume that the necessary ports for crysis 2 are closed on the campus network. I emailed the IT dept. and I assume they will open it for me but they want to know what program I need it open for. The port is 64100. Are there any academic or networking programs that also use this port so they are more likely to open it for me? other ports Crysis 2 used are:

UDP - 27900
UDP - 27901
UDP - 29910
TCP- 6667
TCP- 29900
TCP- 29901
TCP- 28910

The most important port is 64100 though.


Best solution

June 26, 2012 3:29:26 AM

Frankly, I'm shocked that any university would open ports for anyone, let alone one individual. It's not only a security risk, but those ports can only be forwarded to one local IP address. In fact, to remain reliable, they'll need to provide you w/ a static IP as well. Also, it's important to maintain a local firewall since you're using a shared, open network.

Anyway, the chance of a port conflict w/ other programs is minimal, esp. w/ ports > 1024. But if you're concerned, you can always visit a website like to find out what other programs might be using the same ports.