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I recently upgraded from a MiFi 2200 to a MiFi 890L "JetPack" and I'm already having problems. The only differences between the old and the new is that the new supports 4G connectivity and is calling WEP-64 and WEP-128, WEP-40 and WEP-104 which I understand should be the same thing. In my setup with the old modem I had the MiFi in a place in the house which got the best reception then I had a wireless repeater spreading the wifi throughout the house and it worked perfectly. However, with this new MiFi even with the same settings I cannot get the repeater to sync up and repeat the signal and frankly I'm stumped. I of course know that I should be using WPA as it is more secure but my repeater only supports WEP while in repeater mode. Here are some screenshots of my configuration pages of the MiFi and the repeater, maybe you guys will see something I've missed. I have also noticed that when the repeater is on the MiFi shows it as a client in the "connected devices" page, don't know if that's relevant or not.


On a slightly related note, I can't get the damn MiFi into N mode. I can set it to N in the options but after I hit apply and the MiFi restarts it's back in b/g mode. Any idea what the deal is with that? Hoping some MiFi users might chime in here but I won't get my hopes up. Thanks in advance!
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  1. UPDATE: I even tried setting up the MiFi with no security at all and the repeater still won't do it's thing. I just don't understand it, the repeater sees the network, it confirms theres no encryption and what channel the network is on but it just won't repeat the signal.
  2. what firmware version are you running on the D-Link?

    can't you use WAP2-PSK?
  3. have you tried HEX instate of ASCII

  4. Yes I've tried HEX instead of ASCII and no the d-link only supports WEP while in repeater mode, the WPA and WPA2 settings in the images are apparently only for when the d-link is in router mode. Not sure on the firmware of the d-link but as stated even when not trying to use any encryption at all I can't get the d-link to repeat the wifi signal from the MiFi. I will assume that since the d-link worked fine repeating a 802.11g signal from the previous MiFi I had and has been successfully used to repeat wifi from various other sources it shouldn't be a firmware issue.
  5. does the IP of the two devices have to match?

    if the MIFI is should the D-Link have to be for example?
  6. No, the d-link just repeats the signal from the MiFi. Only thing changing the IP on the repeater changes is it's own address for it's LAN port which is just for configuration or if the d-link is in router mode.
  7. Would anyone who has actually used a repeater/range extender be kind enough to post here?
  8. Tom's hardware forum, you have failed me. :(
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