When power-up, D-LINK DIR-655 start up slowly, always display this, very annoying,

Please wait...

The gateway is currently measuring your network connection.
Accessing this web page might have an effect on the measurement.
This page will refresh shortly.

Buffalo router has no such problem !!!

and have log-in, no log-out for the control menu ???
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    You probably have QoS enabled, disable it. Or else if you need QoS, you may have an option to run these checks manually.

    Btw, D-Link usually calls their QoS feature by a tradename, StreamEngine.
  2. Thanks for the QoS suggestion, it is better when I have the following disabled also.
    Enable Traffic Shaping :
    Automatic Uplink Speed :
    Measured Uplink Speed : Not Estimated
    Manual Uplink Speed : kbps <<
    Connection Type :
    Detected xDSL Or Other Frame Relay Network : Not detected

    But it is still slow in its web-pages response !
  3. The automatic upload speed is the setting that caused you to see the message you listed above. My dlink DGL-4100 does the same. if you look at your router log after you reboot it, you will see there is a lot of stuff the router has to do at startup. This is typical.
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