Wifi USB modem Intermittent 105 errors Win7 64Bit

I have frequent intermittent 105 errors DNS Server not found. I run a Laptop, Win7 home edition 64 bit, Telstra TEHS_0c280c 3G usb Modem, I live 600 metres from Repeater and have consistant full WiFi strength. I have had this error using both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

When this error locks me out of the net, it is very frustrating as I have to reboot the laptop and reset the WiFi modem several times before the problem comes good. Sometimes this can take up to a full day as I can get the Net back and then have the 105 error again, and other days I will not see it at all. This prob has been driving me nuts for months.

Thanks in advance for your time and input. Cheers Pete

ps Remedies I have already tried to no avail :- CCleaner to both remove cookies and clean and repair registry probs. And Defragging.
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  1. Click Start
    Click Control Panel
    Click Network Connections
    Right-click on Wireless Network Connection
    Click Properties
    Click the General Tab
    Click Internet Protocol or Internet Protocol v4 in the "This connection uses the following items" box (keep the checkbox checked).
    Click the Properties button.
    Click the circle next to "Obtain an IP address automatically"
    Click the circle next to "Obtain DNS server address automatically"
    Click Ok
    Click OK
    Restart the computer and see if this fixed the problem.
  2. Hi, and thanks for your post. I did what you outlined above. everything is working ok, but I will have to play the wait game to see if this error happens again. I will post again in a couple of days, the error would normally occur in this time. Cheers Pete
  3. Ok,hope it keeps running!
  4. Hi again, It lasted one day and I had continious 105 errors for two hours the next night . Once this prob happens it is hard to rectify, mainly because I cant work out where the prob is at. When I do windows diagnostics it says no probs. when I do wifi diagnostics it also tells me it cant find probs even though I am looking at the yellow triangle attached to my sys tray wifi symbol. I also did repairs with one of the diag. programs and the triangle clears and the wifi status says connected to the internet, but as soon I try to activate a web page through my browsers (IE or Chrome) I go to sleep watching the circle arrow spin backwards. the first error I normally get is timeout(118) then I try again and 105 does its routine as previously explained (:

    I am not new to computers but I am new to wifi and windows 7. I am at a loss with this frustrating extremely intermittent prob.

    thanks again Pete :cry:
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