Needing more wireless ports available in my home

With all the new devices coming out to the market and have a few children around the house, I'm finding the need to have 10-12+ wireless connections in my home for various devices which are in use. I'm experiencing devices grabbing other devices IP's and devices being kicked off the home wireless network and requiring the network key to be entered again.

Currently I'm running one 4port wireless netgear router and I believe its time to get a better wireless network running. I've been reading about adding more ports, but I'm unsure and making assumptions about some things. Ideally I would like to have 12 or more wireless ports. I have seen how you can combine wireless routers upstream/downstream (4port and 8port router) to get up to 12 ports, but i would like to just attach a switch, hub or access point to my existing router.

Do they make 16 port switches with wireless access?
Do I need to have a wireless access point connect to a switch and then to my router?
What is the simplest working setup?

I'm seeing all kinds of 8 and 16 port switches, but i'm thinking they are wired switches. Is there a way to use these and a wireless router and still connect to the switch via wireless?

I will continue to search the web for more explanation in the meantime. Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  1. I'm looking a switch like this, but this may not be what i want due to it needing to be wired. Can this accept wireless connections?
  2. do you need wired or wireless?

    what model router are you using? does it have a wireless guest network set up?
  3. bwallace2 said:
    I'm looking a switch like this, but this may not be what i want due to it needing to be wired. Can this accept wireless connections?
    That is a wired Ethernet switch, so you probably don't need that. It sounds like your problem is trying to make too many wireless connections to your wireless router -- consumer quality wireless routers handle a fairly limited number of connections.

    As Emerald asked, what model are you using? Some routers can handle more wireless clients than others and you might even look at dual band simultaneous routers if some of your devices can connect on the 5GHz band.
  4. would like all connections to be wireless

    my current router is a netgear WGR614 v7 and only the modem is wired to it currently.

    I have another netgear router sitting around that's very similar to the one listed here
  5. even though it says the router should be able to handle 30-70 wireless connections I guess that is based on traffic usage based on 2006

    use the other router and configure it as an AP
  6. So these types of routers can handle more than 5 connections...? When i see they are labeled as 4-5 port routers I assumed that was the wireless limit too.

    I was wondering if the access pt setup with the other router would be the way to go.

    Thanks for the replies!!
  7. the port are the network ports for wired connections and have nothing to do with the amount of wireless devices able to connect.

    using the AP with a different SSID and Channel should be a good option for your network setup
  8. Thanks for all the replies!! I will get into this setup when I get a few.
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