Gateway computer won't connect to internet but not yoiur usual problem

My Gateway GZ7112 suddenly decided it would not connect to the internet when plugged into any of the 4 ports on the router (tried 2 routers), But will connect just fine when plugged into a switch which is connected to the same router? This is strange!
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  1. Any chance the routers are using 10/100Mbps switches while the PC and switch are 1000Mbps (Gigabit) devices, or vice versa? Just trying to determine where there is and isn’t commonality under the two scenarios.
  2. The computer once worked fine connected to any of the routers I have tried, this issue is recent in the past 2 weeks. So something has changed in the computer. Since the Ethernet cards are integrated into the motherboard I suspect the fix is replace the motherboard, they are only $39, not big money but I want to be sure before I spend it.
  3. I think the integrated eithernet card on the motherboard has become defective, but I wanted some help in deciding if this is true before I replace the MB. Opinions are welcome!
  4. Why replace the entire motherboard, why not just get a cheap $5-10 ethernet card on ebay? They even come in PCI or USB versions, take your pick. I can't see replacing the motherboard for a simple problem such as this.

    Heck, I see a few as cheap as $2-3 shipped (nothing fancy, cheap items from HongKong, but it should work).
  5. This computer has only a mini-pci slot where the wireless card is (it works ok). If I could find an ethernet care to go there I might consider it. However, ethernet works OK when plugged into a switch, just won't work when plugged into the router (I have tried several). My only concern is the mother board on the way out totally. Right they are $32, quite cheap.
  6. Any other ideas?
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