Cisco E1000 wifi keeps dropping

My E1000 keeps dropping the wireless part of the router. When I look at the lit up icons on the router the wifi one is not lit. I power cycle and it comes back on and stays on, sometimes for a day or two sometimes for a few hours then the wifi icon is no longer lit up and my devices are disconnected from the wifi network.

I have tried a number of configurations but non seem to work any better.

Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. someone suggested this:-

    "Disable UPnp. Under wireless settings Beacon interval 75, RTS and Fragmentation threshold 2304. Select channel 1 or 11. Save settings and try again. If you have any Win 7 computers disable IPv6 under the LAN properties for the wireless and wired adapters. Reboot and connect again."

    I did all than an no difference.
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