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Does anyone know if there is an updated 64 bit version of NetBios? I have a Win7 64bit machine that I put together as a media machine. It is on a home network with Linux, other Win7 and Mac machines. I have been unable to get this machine to connect to any other machine on my network, using Network Neighbour hood. All the others see and speak to one another. I have been stymied by this because according to the Googling I have done this has been an issue with people since back in 2010, yet none of the threads I have read have come up with any solutions.

Solutions provided have apparently only been able to provide crippled functionality. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed in two years.
As best I can figure this is a problem with 64 bit as I have multiple Win7 machines in 32 bit mode that connect fine. What is bizarre and aggravating, is the fact that I could map a network drive to 1 folder on the server but can't map a network drive to anything else. I have attempted several of the suggestions except the installation of NetBui which many posters claim won't work on a Win7 system.
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  1. Oh, I have NO 3rd party firewalls and have tried with the Win7 firewall turned off, no difference.
  2. You shouldn't be using NetBIOS/NetBEUI w/ Windows anymore. MS deprecated those protocols in favor of TCP/IP a very long time ago. That's why MS doesn't install it by default since XP. Whatever your problems, I don't see NetBIOS/NetBEUI being the solution.

    So rather than getting mired in the technical details of these protocols, explain what you're trying to do, and why TCP/IP is not the solution.
  3. explain what you're trying to do, and why TCP/IP is not the solution" Because it doesn't work. I installed the NetBios protocol (not NetBui) because that was one of the solutions offered out there on the net. With NetBios installed I was at least able to map a network drive. It's still mapped but now I can't get passed the computer name to any other drives to map them. I have a Linux based Server that I have all of my media stored on, which I can easily access from all my other machines, be they Windows or Mac. Unfortunately, the one machine I set up as a media machine and have hooked up to my TV won't access the server making all my work moot.
  4. If NetBios isn't supposed to be used anymore, why is it offered as an installable protocol???
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