Possibly VIRUS?

I don't know how the hell this happen, I took almost 2 days to recover my 235GB data/files/movies/songs. First, I saved the recovered files to my external hdd, then re-create two partitions (desktop hdd),

Here's the story, I though it was my faut, I might make something to my pc that cause two partitions suddenly disappear. I checked the Disk Management, it shows Free Space (green). Then I purchase the EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional to recover my data by running the "Partition Recovery". I successfully recovered my data (but few of them become useless, cannot be opened and corrupted).

So, after saving the data to my external hdd, I re-create two new partitions to put my data back to the pc. The two partitions were succesfully created, BUT, this weird thing happened. I restart my pc to cool it down (because of 2 days continuous running), and about 45 minutes later, I turned the pc again, planning to transfer the files to the new partition. The other partition (H drive) looks like no problem, but when I install game to other partition (D drive), the two partitions suddenly DISAPPEAR AGAIN. I looked at Disk Management, again it shows Free Space (green).

How can I solve this? Possibly VIRUS or Hard Drive? or Windows? Does anyone ever face this problem?
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  1. sounds more like a failing hdd. have u tried another?
  2. try the drive maker test tool
  3. scout_03 said:
    try the drive maker test tool

    I will use Drive Manager. Is it a good tester?


    Forgot put my pc specs;

    Athlon II x4 640
    4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
    ASRock N68C-VS3 UCC mobo
    XFX HD 6770 1GB GDDR5
    Samsung SpinPoint 4 320GB
  4. what the drive test report
  5. Definitely check your hdd's health


    Or, my favorite...


    1. Download Seatools or Ultimate Boot (includes seatools)
    2. Create Bootable disc from the downloaded Iso file
    3. Boot with your disc and run seatools
    4. While in seatools: Run Test -> Long Test
    5. If errors show up or it says it fails, invest in a new hdd
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