Silent Hunter 2 on Windows XP - Runs only as Administrator

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I am trying to run Silent Hunter 2 on my computer.

When I try to run the program as a normal user, the screen goes black
and a box appears.

Silent Hunter II Hardware configuration

Video configuration

Choose a directdraw device

Audio configuration

Choose a directaudio device

On clicking OK, the screen goes blank and the box reappears after a
few seconds.

If I am logged in as a normal user, and I right click the game icon,
and select run as administrator, this problem still occurs.

If I login to windows admistrator, no such box appears and the game
runs normally.

Thanks in advance for any information on how to fix this, so that the
game runs on a normal users account.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    OK... WOW... that is an interesting one. I have never had that happen
    and can't specifically think of why you are having this problem. The
    only thing I can think of is; when you installed the game, did it ask
    if you wanted the game to use all profiles, or just the admin. The
    default is all profiles I believe. Can you configure this when logged
    in as admin? That is my 2 cents. Good luck.


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