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WindowsXP (Home), ABit BD7II mainboard.

I currently have my DVD as "Master" on IDE2. I'm installing a 2nd HD (slower UDMA than my existing HD, so I want it on IDE2). When I configure the DVD as "Slave" on IDE2, will I need to change anything in XP (DM)?


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  1. as long as the jumpers are set correctly on the drives windows should autodetect them and set up correctly. u might want to go into the bois to make sure it sees them correctly before going into windows.
  2. Thanks, I'll do that. I figure I'll have to have the BIOS detect the HD anyway.

  3. If windows does its usual thing, expect DMA to be mysteriously disabled and your drive letters to be jumbled around. LOL

    apart from that u should be fine.

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