How to bind network to tcp/ip only?

Hello Tomshardware, I am trying to figure out how networks and hardware are all connected and from what I can tell everything is connected to everything on your network but apparently this is not needed for basic internet use or P2P connections. I am just trying to figure out how to make the network send and receive through the tcp/Ip only and nothing else.

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  1. You need to do some research into the OSI model. It's more complicated than your questions would suggest.
  2. I might have phrased this wrong I was just uninstalling file and printer sharing and microsoft client network service before I connect my new comp to the internet for the first time. Was just wondering if there was anything else I can do like in the CMD window or something to make the computer more aloof since I don't have any anti-virus software right now.
  3. Well, get some AVG, it's free

    I think the phrase you're looking for is OS hardening, which is the process of turning off any protocols and ports you don't need to make intrusion more difficult. There is no one answer as it depends on what OS you're running, and what you need or don't need. Most home environments are okay with an antiviral, a firewall, and not installing suspicious or unnecessary programs.
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