"Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration"

Hi, my family has recently moved and my brother and I have been getting this error, "Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration", and then we are disconnected from the internet. We both can get back on pretty quickly by using the troubleshoot option on our desktops network button on the taskbar, however we'd like to know how to completely eradicate the disconnects as we both game online. We are using a Telus router which we received around a month ago. My brother is connected wirelessly and I am hardwired in. We are both using Windows 7 with newer PC's (within the past year). Neither of us have a clue about networking so we are totally blanked on what settings to tweak to fix this issue, especially since it's not exclusively wireless or wired-in.

If you require any additional details we would be more than happy to oblige. Thanks a bunch!
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  1. How often do you get this error?
    Do other PCs or devices connected to this router have the same issue?
    Do you have another router you can temporarily use to rule out the current router?
  2. It is infrequent for me, only 1 or 2 times a day if it even happens. For my brother it happens roughly once every hour or two. There are 2 other PC's - laptops - plus 2 Xbox's and a PS3 connected that do not have this issue. We currently only have this router here, although we have the router we used before at our old house that I could run out and grab sometime after the weekend.
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