Trying to turn old PC into media server for my house

Im trying to turn this old PC I bought for 100 dollars into a media server to rip and stores blu rays and serve them over my network to the other computers. I already have the ripping part taken care of, I just need to know how to serve them across my network. The computer is using a bootleg version of windows 7 that the previous owned installed. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. I was with you until you said 'bootleg version of Windows 7'. . .

    Anyway, try asking a new question and define what you mean by 'media server':

    Do you mean you want to share a folder with the video files?
    Do you want to serve them up by a web page and stream them to reduce network load?
  2. I just want to share the folder that contains the blu ray rips over my network so the folder can be accessed by all the other computers/xbox 360s.
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