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audio connections to digital receivers

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July 16, 2005 12:15:26 PM

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I recently purchased a digital receiver and need help with the audio
component connections. I need to connect a turntable (yes, I still
listen to records), cassette deck (in/out), CD player, DVD player, VCR
(in/out)and TV. It's a JVC RX-D202B.

Aside from the video connections and the Y, Pb and Pr
connections(whatever they are) the unit has the following
inputs/outputs: TV in, DBS in, VCR in/out, DVR out and DRV/DVD in.
There is also a Digital DVD in.

Where do I connect the turntable, cassette deck, and CD player? Do I
need some sort of converter to be able to do this?
Where do I ground the turntable? Is it okay to use any screw connected
to the cabinet?
Can I plug the analog TV to the TV in or is this only for digital TVs?
Can I use an Equalizer with this system?

I realize I could run the turntable and tapedeck through my old Dolby
ProLogic amp, and use it as a preamp, but where would I connect that to
the JVC?

My other solution for the connection is this:
TV connected to the VCR. Use VCR tuner for TV output.
Turntable to TV input
DVD to digital DVD input
CD to DVD input
VCR and tape deck to an A/B switch to the VCR in/out connections. Will
this work? Is there an easier way? I'm obviously not happy needing an
A/B switch or needing to use my VCR to control my TV.

Plese help!
July 17, 2005 2:12:25 PM

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