Do i need a router to view cams remotely

Hello,i have installed a kguard security camera system in my home, but the home is now unoccupied. i have a static ip address from my isp. do i need a router to connect to the internet to remote view the cams, or can i just connect directly to the internet
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  1. If the camera is connected directly to its modem and has the public IP, then no, you don't have to have a router at that location too. A router is only needed for sharing of the public IP at that location. So not having a router there is perhaps an inconvenience, even a bit unorthodox, but not a necessity. Of course, if you did use a router there, you'd need to open and forward the camera's port(s) on the router's firewall to gain access.
  2. thanks for the quick reply eibgrad. i shall investigate my problem a bit further now, but your info was a great help. THANKS
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