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This is sort of an odd request however I am in the process of trying to figure out how to film a rowing race and transmit high def video to shore live. I will be utilizing a Teradek Cube to transmit the video however I need a wireless network for my encoder to transmit the video on. The race course that the network needs to cover is about 1.5 miles long and about a quarter of a mile wide (good news is it's perfect line of site). I assume that I will need repeaters going down the course however I am not a networking expert so I have no idea how many it would take. The real challenge about all of this is it has to be mobile. Some of the locations that I will film at I will not have access to power and would have to rely on a car battery with an inverter attached to it or a generator. The fewer repeaters I have the better. Any assistance on what sort of set up I need would be appreciated. This is well outside of my knowledge.
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  1. From the way this thing works, it sets up a wifi connection with a second transmitter connected to something that is recording or re-broadcasing? One part is on the camera, then wifi to the receiver?

    Is the receiver stationary at the race start let's say, and the camera moves with the race?
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