Need to print to a printer on a different subnet with no routers

I need to print to a printer in with a static IP on a different subnet from a host on a different subnet using DHCP.
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  1. If the two subnets are accessible to each other, and accessing the printer from each subnet is authorized (I don't know if this is your own network or a work-related network), then ideally the printer should be multi-homed (i.e., the printer should have its own IP addresses bound to BOTH subnets). Requiring individual clients to maintain connections to both subnets defeats the very purpose of using subnets.

    But if you must configure the client, you typically can’t use DHCP and add another subnet to the same network adapter (AFAIK). But you can always add a second network adapter, configure it w/ a static IP in the same subnet as the printer, and connect it your current network.
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