Connection drops to 1 mbps

I have a Rosewill RNX N300X wireless adapter that keeps dropping to 1 mbps, and only goes up to about 18 mbps on a good day. How can I force a 54 mbps connection?

- I am running the latest drivers for the card.
- The network is "g", card accepts b/g/n.
- Another computer running RNX N360PC is getting a perfect connection on the same network.

Please help.
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    You cannot force a speed. The speed is negotiated at both ends using the signal strength and error rate caused by interference, so moving the PC or adapter is the only option.
  2. I think I'll be getting another N360PC card since that works so well.
  3. UPDATE: I have purchased a powerline ethernet adapter set from netgear that works perfectly up to 100 mbps!

    To anyone experiencing the same problems, I highly recommend this technology!
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