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I am forwarding two ports to two wireless ip cameras. I have port forwarding setup on my Cisco 4200 router, the router has a strong password, the camera ports are pass worded as well. ZoneAlarm is my firewall. When I scan with ShieldsUp, the ports show as “open.” Is this normal, or am I vulnerable to attack? Is there a configuration under ZoneAlarm that will make the ports ‘Stealth” or “closed” while still allowing the cameras to operate through the forwarded ports? Somehow, I believe I am safe, I just want to make sure. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I believe it to be normal for them to show as open - mine are so I can access my camera while away. So long as you have passwords to bring up the cameras and the Port was forwarded for that purpose only, there's no threat through that Port from any other source.

  2. Thank you, Saga Lout! I appreciate your quick response; I feel much better about my ports now.
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