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I hope someone can help me here -

On my Netbook, the wifi neon is on green, therefore i am receiving a signal, but it will not connect to the internet. There is no switch to switch wifi on & off, and when i took it for 'repair', it picked up and connected on the shops wifi instantly.

I'm getting notifications all the time, saying windows will keep trying to connect. I think it's connected twice in 3 months.
I'm ready for smashing it up. :-(
Thanks all
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    There's a possibility the shop's wi-fi was unsecured and, hopefully, yours is not and requires a security key for you to be able to connect all the way to the Net. The green signal is he strength of the local signal from the router and doesn't imply you're on he Internet.

    Have a look at this Sticky Post on how to find the wireless security key, then when you have, input it when asked to at connection time. You'll only have to do it once


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