I'm on AT&T U-verse 12 Mbps plan. I have a 2Wire Gateway 3600 HGV WiFi Router and HP Pavilion Elite HPE-400f PC. The Internet Access icon says I'm on 802.11g. How do I turn on 802.11n? I went ahead and enabled Adhoc Support 802.11n, but the Internet Access icon still says I'm on 802.11g. So what do I do to turn on 802.11n?

Thank You.
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  1. Your 2Wire router is only 802.11G so no matter what you do you wont be getting a 802.11N connection to it. You will need a 802.11 N router to get the 802.11N speeds you want.
    Adhoc is used for connecting two pcs between themselves without a router present.
  2. Well, I guess this solves it. Much appreciated, ngrego!
  3. no prob! Don't sweat it though, if you get a strong connection with the 54Mbps you will be just fine!
    Basically you would need 802.11n if you plan on doing any HD video streaming inside your home or anything that would need larger internal bandwidth.
    If later on you find that 54Mbps is not up to par with your needs you could always upgrade to 802.11n.
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