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hello to all Tom's community..

i want to share my internet using windows built in ICS ( Internet Connection Sharing ).. but the thing is, i have 2 Internet sources, both are wifi..
so i just plugged 2 wifi donggle, each connected to different AP.. one of them i want to share to my network and one of them i want to use exclusively for my pc.. the thing is, even if i shared one of the wifi, all of my networks wont get the Internet unless i shut down the wifi for my personal use. is there is a solution for this?
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  1. That's because the internet access is always through what's called the "default gateway". But you can only have ONE default gateway (it wouldn't be a default if the system had to choose among two or more options, right?). So your PC picks one network connection and ignores the other (actually, it's driven by how the client's routing tables are configured, but from the perspective of the user, that's how it appears).
  2. so i cannot have 2 internet gateways? one for my PC and the other for network while still maintaining the network settings between my pc and others (file sharing, printer, etc) ?
  3. You are better off buying a router. ICS requires your machine to be online if others want to use the internet. ICS also uses up resources that are better used for other stuff.
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