i have a acer aspire laptop. When i cut it on it beeps alot, and when it finally comes up it lets me put my password in. Then it goes to a black screen and gives me a message. Its logon ui.exe it says shell32.dll is missing and needs to be reinstalled, the curser works, and ctrl alt delete works but when i use that all i can do is cut the computer off when i go to task bar it flashes the message again. The only thing it will let me do is when it starts up i can hit f2 to go in the set up but i dont know anything about that stuff is there anything i can do to fix it?
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  1. Sounds like a virus to me, see if you can boot into safemode by pressing F8 before windows loads and then selecting safemode. If you can get into safemode run malwarebytes or superantispyware to detect viruses/malware/adware/spyware. Post back with details if you can or can't get into safemode since then we would have to take another approach to resolving this issue which is far more complex.
  2. You should also try running the "microsoft maliscious software removal tool" it isn't great but it can catch alot of the more common stuff.
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