Wireless router keeps dropping connection (or limited connection)


To start off, the wireless router we have is a D-LINK 615 Wireless N 300 Router.

We've had this router for a couple of months now and only recently has it been giving us grief. When we first got it (it was actually a friend's who had lent it to me but have been using ever since), it was working like a charm. No dropped connections, etc.

However, as of a few weeks ago, we've began to notice that the connection has been dropping constantly. It started one a day around the same time (in the evening) and ever since has happened multiple times per day.

The connection will either drop all together (lights still going on flashing) or there will be a limited connection (as stated in Windows) and I can't do anything. This happens for my laptop as well as my PS3. My desktop is hard-wired so there's never a connection issue there. Power cycling the router usually fixes the issue but again, this is constant and keeps disconnecting for some reason and having to power cycle every day is annoying.

Is there a simple fix for this issue? All the lights are always flashing like normal but the connection just drops off. I've been reading previous posts with similar issues and every fix I've seen never permanently fixes the issue.

Sidenote: Yes, the router is usually always on. We tried unplugging it for the night (all night) and plugging it back in during the day and again, in the evenings this happens.

Please help !
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  1. For security type try TKIP only ,mixed mode N,G .this works for my DIR-657 ,had the same issue after i added a cell phone(Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to my network . Good Luck
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