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I now have a Wireless N-router (100 mb ports) after my DCM475 modem. My house is wired so I do not need wireless. I am moving to 1000 mb LAN. But the router ports are 100 mb. The DCM475 has a 1000 mb port. I can hookup by 1000 mb switch behind it and have all my comouter hookup to the switch. In this case bypass the router completely and it should work. But I think the DCM475 has no firewall. If I do not have the router, I will not have a firewall. Can some one help me to understand what I can do to protect myslef ? How risky is running without the router firewall if all my windows box has firewall truned on ? Should I spend money on getting a G bit router now ?
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    There's no need to run without a router. In fact, if you don't, then you won't be able to share the one and only public IP! You can't just patch a switch behind the modem. Then every device behind it will attempt to acquire the public IP and all but one will fail.

    All you need to do is patch the router to the modem, then patch your Gigabit (1000Mbps) switch to the router's switch. Finally, patch all your Gigabit devices behind the Gigabit switch.

    It doesn't matter if the modem is Gigabit anyway. No internet provider I’m aware of is likely to reach Gigabit speeds anyway, not even close. 100Mbps should be more than enough.

    [modem]<-- wire -->[router]<-- wire -->[gigabit switch]<-- wire(s) -->[gigabit devices]
  2. Hi Eibgrad, thanks for the quick response. You are right , I can put my G bit switch behind the router. I was focusing on reducing the number of devices that I have to plug in (for both environment and saving electricity cost ). I was hoping that I can go without the router since I do not need woreless. The DCM475 manual seems to indicate that it has a DHCP server. So all my devices behind it should be able to get an internal address from DCM475 and share the IP address given by the ISP. Anyway I think I'll take your advice to keep my router just for firewall use.
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