Why does my wireless Internet for my Xbox and ipad2 disconnect so much

So I have to usually restart the my wireless modem and box like 4-6 times a day. Could it be because my wireless router and modem box are two floors above me? I game in the basement so and the person that did the electricity in my house decided that it would be best to put the only place my wireless router and modem box could connect to all the way on the top floor instead of the middle floor for some reason. I can't move my wireless router and modem box because theres only place it can connect to which is on the top floor. I invested in a wireless extender and set it in the middle floor to extend my wireless connection more to the basement and it does give me stronger wireless connection for my Xbox 360slim and ipad2 but my connection still disconnects frequently. It gets annoying after a while when I'm in the middle of a game and I get disconnected. My wireless router and wireless extender are both from linksys. I get my internet from GCI since I live in Anchorage Alaska(the city part of Alaska). What can I do to cause less disconnections with my wireless internet?
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  1. yes I imagine it is because you are in the basement and there is either low signal due to physical barriers or EMI. I'd recommend running ethernet cables down to the basement.
  2. I just moved my Xbox 10 feet away from my wireless modem and I'm still having the same problem with my Xbox. I installed a firewall recently, could this be a problem?
  3. Sometimes software firewalls will interfere or block.
  4. If you are using a wireless router and modem (gateway), it would be best to have the firewall running on only one of the two devices. The firewall is there to block any unautherised users from getting into your network. That can be done from your modem if there is a firewall function available on it, there's no need for two firewalls on a single home network and certainly not a third software firewall.
    Another thing you can try is to manually assign IP Addresses to the devices that get disconnections. Just be sure the addresses are outside your DHCP pool..
    For the distance you are trying to cover, you can use a wireless extender (repeater) that will relay your signal further away from the router. They aren't too expensive either:
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